Electric RC Helicopters – Fun in the sky

So with Christmas approaching its time to start thinking of what gifts to buy your friends and family members. I mean where do you start? Do you buy them the usual silk tie or pair of socks or do you really push the boat out and purchase an electric rc helicopter. Just think of the hours of fun that can be hand on Christmas day flying around the house annoying the cat with a toy helicopter. Modern helicopters can be charged by a USB lead on your computer in 20 minutes and then give up to 10 minutes of flying time, this means that the little ones will be kept fully occupied all day, just make sure you can get spare parts so that if the unthinkable happens and you break the model you can get spare parts to fix it and get flying again in no time. Its also worth thinking about buying spare parts at the same time as you buy your helicopter, a set of spare blades will certainly be very useful and if you break them will allow you to get flying again in no time.

Electric RC Helicopters come in several different types, you have 2 channel models, 3 channel models, 4 channel models and 6 channel models. If you want a easy to fly model that doesn’t require any skill then going for either a 2 channel or 3 channel model is definitely the best way to go.


iPhone repairs for water damage

Water and other liquids can be a real danger to you iPhone if they come into contact with each other. Accidents do happen though and it is useful to know what to do if water damage does occur. Moisture will damage internal components on your iPhone and even make it potentially dangerous to use. However, most models of iPhones can usually be repaired after being water damaged if the right action is taken to prevent further harm. iPhones contain many replaceable parts which makes them easily fixed as long as the phone has not been in water for a long period of time.

There are a number of things that you can do to help repair your water damaged  iphone;-

  • Take immediate action. Remove the iPhone from any liquid and dry it off with a clean towel. It is really important to turn your iPhone off straight away at this stage to prevent the electrical elements in your IPhone suffering further damage. It is also important to remember the dangers of electricity around water – you could get hurt. Do not attempt to charge your iPhone.
  • The rice test:- A technique used for drawing out the moisture in your phone. You need to submerge your iPhone in a bowl of uncooked rice, completely coverer it at put it to one side. You need to leave your phone alone now for up to 48. Do not turn it on to check it during this time. After 48 hours have passed, its time to turn your iPhone back on and consider the damage.
  • If possible, remove the battery and any other components that were exposed to liquid damage if you can. Also remember to remove your sim card as water damage can affect your data.


How to tell if your iPhone has been permanently harmed by water damage:-

  • Checking the Accessible Liquid Indicators. There are moisture indicators inside your phone that prove moisture has damaged your  iPhone. The main indicator is located in the bottom of the headphone jack. You will normally see a white or silver-colored dot when the phone is working normally. If your iPhone gets wet it permanently changes colour (from white to pink/ red) and your iPhone is marked for water. The other liquid indicator is on the phone’s charging jack.
  • Often the lithium ion battery in the iPhone will have been  been irreversibly damaged due to an extreme discharge caused by a short circuit when your phone came into contact with liquid. Your battery will stop charging correctly..
  • Depending on how water entered your iPhone, the damage may only affect certain parts, such as the speaker, microphone or screen, and everything else on your phone may be working. You will only be completely free from the need to repair your phone if everything is working normally.
  • Overheating is another symptom of water damage. If your phone gets too hot then it will lead to the phone shutting itself off with or without warning.
  • If the iPhone turns on, but the LCD screen looks cloudy, then this means that it has absorbed water, and you will need to replace the LCD.

If you have tried everything you can to dry out your iphone and problems still exist, then it is important that to take it to a reputable iphone repair company to get it repaired or replaced. Most warranties do not cover for water damage so replacing damaged parts it the cost effective solution if possible.



Repairing a draining iPhone battery

A fast-draining battery on your iPhone can be a problem that is easily repairable. Often battery draining problems can be a result of the applications that you are running on your phone. Manufacturer’s instructions suggest that the battery life should outlive the usability of your phone but batteries do sometimes develop faults and need repair.

As an iPhone user there are a number of checks you can make to determine whether you battery needs replacing:-


  • Many programs on your iPhone run constantly in the background, shutting these down will free up your battery life. Having multiple programs running in the background dramatically shortens their iphone battery life. There are a multitude of apps that also keep your screen active using up your battery life.  Video streaming apps and games eat heavily  into your battery life. Video and photo editing apps like iMovie and iPhoto also use all your battery power to run, so keep them closed unless needed.
  • Reduce screen brightness Keeping your screen brightly lit at all times can be a massive battery drain. Go to Settings and set the brightness slider to the lowest level you’re comfortable with.
  • Location services that let apps know where you are constantly drain the life from your iPhone battery. However, is an app on your phone is using location services, the arrow icon that appears in your menu bar at the top of the screen will let you know. Close apps that use location services when you don’t need them.
  • Constant scanning for wireless signals is a massive drain on battery. Disabling applications when not in use should provide a significant improvement to your battery life:
  • Download the “BatteryTime” application (See the link to the Apple Website in the References section). This is a free application that you can download from the App Store; Battery Time gives you more information about your battery: It gives you, for example, detailed information about how much battery time you have remaining and how long it will last for each of the various activities the iPhone is capable of.
  • Your emails srain your iPhone battery life. Disable the Push feature used by your email accounts as the constant updates to your email accounts use up your battery life.
  • Disable Bluetooth if you don’t use any Bluetooth accessories as its using energy all the time, turn Bluetooth off under Settings > Bluetooth. In iOS 7,
  • You can Test all your applications to determine if one or more applications are draining the battery. Take turns to delete one or more applications from your phone and discover the effect this has on you battery life. If you installed new applications recently before experiencing battery drainage, delete these applications first.


As a last resort to repair a draining battery in your iPhone your can restore your device. It is important to start from scratch so do not backup your phone and reuse all your applications and data because you would just be reintroducing the problems. This may seem very serious, but if you really need to fix battery issues, it can help, remember to . restore the phone before reinstating any apps. You then need to let your phone battery drain all the way down after making any of these changes so that they can take effect and your can see the difference that has been made. Removing your SIM card (if you have one), and disabling  all network connections can also be an effective technique in repairing battery drainage issues on you iPhone.